Modern Times Give Seniors More Choices

Years ago, a senior would live at home until she was unable to care for herself or her house became unmanageable.  She would then move into a nursing home.  Often the senior would miss her home and her independence, but there was not much to be done.
But today, seniors have many more options.  Many seniors, an estimated 89%, would prefer to remain at home.  And with some changes, it is not only a possibility but often a reality. That’s where Freedom Home Care comes in. We offer exceptional services for seniors allowing them to stay safely in their home.
It can be problematic if the home is set up in a clutter and unsafe way, making it difficult for people to move around. But there are ways to fix this issue. Contractors with an “aging in place” certification can adapt a home to accommodate the senior’s needs.
Another problem can be the type of care.  Before, seniors who could not adequately care for themselves had to move to a nursing facility or with one of their children.  Now, caregivers, such as Freedom Home Care, can do everything from run errands to make lunch to administer medications.  It allows the senior to stay in his home for a much longer amount of time.
Another common problem is health care.  If the senior remains at home, how will she get to her various doctor appointments?  Many doctors now make house calls for their elderly patients.
We are lucky to live in an age where seniors can make more of their own decisions and have more options.  And these choices can make them happier and healthier in the long run. To learn more about seniors and the new choices they now face, click here!