Why Cats Improve Health in Seniors

Although many seniors think of dogs as the ideal pet, perhaps getting a cat would be a better idea.  As stated in an earlier article, dogs require quite a bit of space and daily exercise to remain healthy.  They must go outside regularly and be allowed to play.  While cats also love to play, they don’t require the same amount of space or exercise that most dogs do. Cats may be a better suited option for a senior who is looking for a companion. There are numerous health benefits that individuals can receive by adopting a feline friend.
For example, cats can alleviate loneliness and depression that seniors may feel.  As seniors retire, lose a spouse, or their children move out, they can begin to feel isolated.  But a cat can give them a sense of purpose while providing company, affection, and entertainment.
Also, cats can give seniors some gentle exercise.  Although a cat requires minimal care, the senior must still clean the litter box and provide fresh food and water.  These tasks will get a senior moving, helping to prolong good health.  In fact, it has been shown that seniors with pets can live longer, healthier lives.
So if you think that a cat may be a good choice for the senior, check local animal shelters for the perfect pet.  Often adult cats are overlooked in such settings, but they can be a great fit for living with a senior.  Both the cat and the senior will be grateful for being paired up!
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Source: groundreport.com