Tips to Help Seniors Quit Smoking

A recent 2013 Senior Report found that 7.6% of Illinois seniors, age 65 and above, smoke on a regular basis. We all know that smoking is bad for our health.  We also know that it is incredibly difficult to quit, especially when you have been doing it for several years.  Did you know that it takes someone on average nine times of trying to quit before they finally do?  No wonder it’s so easy to get discouraged.
But, don’t give up.  Here are some tips to help you finally kick the habit.
1. Plan ahead.  Those who quit without a plan are much more likely to relapse.  Know when you are going to quit, how you are going to deal with the cravings, and what your plan is when you feel like you really need that cigarette.  It will make it much more difficult to fall back into old behavior.
2. Reward yourself.  Looking forward to the next reward can give you enough motivation to keep going.  The money that you’re saving from not buying cigarettes will quickly add up, so why not use some to buy yourself a treat every week?  Even if you relapse, don’t forget to reward yourself for getting as far as you did.  The next time will be better.
3. Find a buddy.  If you have a friend who also smokes and is looking to quit, get him or her on board to quit at the same time.  If you have someone counting on you to keep her strong, you may stay stronger too.
However you want to do it, taking the first step is most important for your health and happiness. We here at Freedom Home Care are committed to improving senior care while living in the comfort of their home. Call us today or visit us online to learn how we can help.