Yoga: A Senior’s Ticket to Maintaining Good Health

Seniors today are more health conscious than ever. They know that staying active and flexible can keep them moving much longer. But sometimes they don’t know how to begin a safe exercise regimen.

Of course, personal training or fitness classes are always an option to get started, but some seniors prefer exercising on their own schedule.
If this is you, consider taking up yoga.  Yoga doesn’t have to be contorting yourself into crazy one-legged positions.  There are simple poses that seniors can use to reap all of the health benefits.
And the benefits are numerous.  In fact, not only does yoga keep muscles and joints flexible, but it can also combat fatigue, stress, and pain.  It will strengthen core muscles to reduce the possibility of falling too.
Do you have high blood pressure?  According to, doing yoga three times a week has proven to lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease if done routinely.
To get started, find a book, DVD, or online website that explains yoga positions.  If you can’t find something specifically for seniors, use only the gentlest of poses that you find.  Each pose should feel good to your body.  If not, modify it so that it does or try a different less strenuous pose.
Finding an exercise routine that works for you can take some time.  But consider adding yoga to your weekly routine.  With a little effort, you can become a healthier and happier senior. To learn other ways you can increase your health activities.
Freedom Home Care is the perfect alternative for seniors who are not as active as they used to be and would like to be able to stay in their homes. If you, or a senior you care for, are not at a point where yoga is an option, but need help to maintain an independent lifestyle, visit