Shop Smart for Life Insurance

Life insurance can be complicated and expensive, leaving many seniors, or their family members, wondering if they’ve made the right choices.  But we know that life insurance can save families from spending their money when a family member passes away.  So how do seniors find inexpensive life insurance that will still cover all of the expenses?  Here are some tips:
1. Don’t buy too much.  Often our life insurance needs change over time.  As you no longer have a house to pay off or children to get through college, you need less insurance.  Before you go shopping, know exactly how much you will need.  You can save tons by simply not overbuying.
2. Join a group plan.  If you are still working, you may be eligible to join a plan through your job.  But if you aren’t, you still may be part of a group that can get better rates for life insurance.  Check around with groups that you’re active in, such as the AARP.  But just because it’s a group policy doesn’t mean it’s worth it.  Compare it to others before signing on the dotted line.
3. Get lots of quotes.  If you get a quote from one company that is too expensive, don’t get discouraged.  Rates can vary greatly between companies due to underwriting.  So get many quotes, compare, and choose one that works for you.
Life insurance can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Shop smart, compare, and get the best deal. Your elderly loved one deserves the coverage to help them feel secure and not worry about the burden after they pass.
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