Modern Senior Weddings Get Lavish and Expensive

When we think of fairy tale weddings, we may think of the young, blushing bride and the handsome groom standing while saying their loving vows. But now, seniors are having even bigger and more lavish weddings than their younger counterparts.
Finding love at any age is worth celebrating, and seniors nowadays are going all out.  It may have seemed strange ten or twelve years ago, but now the over-65 couples are spending big bucks to make sure their big day is one to remember.
Seniors made up 8 percent of last year’s 53 billion dollar wedding business.  And it’s no wonder.  When older adults marry, they are often empty-nesters who don’t have as many financial worries as the younger generations.  They aren’t saving for a new house, trying to pay off student loans, or saving for that first baby.  They can put those extra funds towards creating the wedding of their dreams.
So what are the couples buying with all of this money?  Just what you would expect!  Brides are buying more traditional wedding dresses instead of just special occasion dresses.  They buy sparkling engagement rings that average around $6000.  They pay for large receptions, complete with a D.J. and gourmet food.
Although many elements are traditional, many couples choose to change some elements.  Some brides prefer to wear taupe rather than white, and some grooms may not propose on one knee.  But, overall, seniors are on the same playing field as everyone else with their ageless beautiful, lavish weddings.
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Source: NY Times