Simple Renovations for a Senior’s Home

When a senior lives in their home and wants to maintain independence, sometimes critical renovations go untouched. The home can become dangerous and put them at risk of falling.
If you have a parent or loved one unable to make home renovations, make sure these essential updates have been considered. One of the most dangerous places for a senior is the bathroom because it is a confined space with oftentimes wet surfaces or floors.
Here are some updates you can do to make the bathroom a safer place for them:
1.  Brighten it up.  Replace any broken light bulbs.  Consider installing a new overhead fixture.  And add a reliable nightlight to keep it bright at all hours.
2.  Avoid slippery rugs. Slipping on bath rugs can be just as dangerous as slipping on a wet floor.  There are inexpensive cork bath mats that are a great solution for this.
3.  Adjust the water temperature.  Change the settings on the water heater to a level that is not scalding to reduce the risk of burns.  Hot water should feel hot, but not be painful.
4.  Replace shower doors with a shower curtain.  Doors can make it difficult to enter and exit the tub.  The shower curtain will make the access easier and still prevent water leakage.
These are only a few of the many simple and cost-effective changes you can make to a senior’s bathroom. To learn more ways to help your parent or loved one with home repairs, click here.
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