Is a Caregiver the Best Option for Your Loved One?

Families may be unsure if hiring a caregiver to assist their elderly loved one with dementia is the best option.  Will this caregiver be able to connect with the senior?  Will she or he give them the same level of nurturing care that a family member would?  How will the elderly loved one react?
These are just some of the many questions families face when struggling to find the best care for their loved one dealing with dementia. It can be a very emotional and difficult time. Freedom Home Care understands every single one of these questions and feelings. We encourage families to openly discuss their concerns with us.
What is important for families to remember is that our caregivers often form strong relationships with their patients and treat them as they would their own family.
A person affected by dementia inevitably changes over time.  It can be difficult for families to watch the change. They can become more confused, angry, and depressed. It is very important for the family to stay supportive and not get discouraged.
Caregivers are sometimes able to care for their patient on a somewhat different level because they have never known the person before the disease. They do not have the emotional issue of knowing who they once were and comparing it to who they are now.
Therefore, the caregiver is able to get to know the senior as the person he or she is now, not focusing on who they once were.  Because of this relationship, the caregiver can often anticipate the needs of the senior, sometimes even better than family would be able to.
Families who care for an elderly loved one with dementia often need extra help and a caregiver is often the best option. By getting a caregiver for your loved one, they not only will receive the level of care they need, but a friend as well. And the family as a whole will have peace of mind.
Here at Freedom Home Care we offer specialized Caregiver Services to meet you and your family’s needs. Call us today or check out our website.