Research Finds Seniors Living at Home to be Happiest

What do seniors value most in long-term care?  The quality of a caregiver, comfort of their own home, or something entirely different? That’s what some researchers wanted to know.  So they interviewed many seniors to ask their opinions about the topic. The Scan Foundation recently put together the data to figure out who is happiest and why. This is what they found out.
What Seniors Care Most About In Long-Term Care:

  1. A Great Caregiver.  One of the most important elements of senior satisfaction was having a good caregiver.  The best caregivers were considered good at what they do, reliable, and trustworthy.  They were seen to give a high quality of care to the senior, making the senior feel comfortable with them.
  2. Cost.  Long-term care is expensive.  But the seniors felt more satisfaction if they knew that they were getting the quality care they were paying for.  If they were spending a substantial amount of money but were getting poor care, they were understandably unhappy.
  3. Location.  The interviewed seniors were being cared for in a variety of settings.  Those who were still living at home with the assistance of a caregiver were the happiest with their arrangements.  Those in nursing homes expressed the least amount of satisfaction, with those in assisted living somewhere in the middle.

Choosing long-term care can be a difficult decision.  But seniors oftentimes know what they want.  And as long as they get a say, great care, and reasonable cost, they tend to be the happiest.
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