The Secret Key to Longevity

In 1921, psychologist Lewis Termin wanted to find out more about longevity and what it takes for humans to live longer. So he gathered 1,500 boys and girls with exceptional IQ’s to join his aging project.  He and his associates kept an eye on these children throughout their lives to see if they could determine what exactly caused longevity.  The study arrived at some very interesting observations about what helps someone achieve a long life.  Here are a few noteworthy things they learned:

  1. Be conscientious.  If you stick to your to-do lists and arrive at your appointments on time, you are more likely to live longer.  Conscientious people are less likely to take dangerous risks and are also better equipped to handle stressful situations.  All of this leads to a healthier, longer life.
  2. Have a long and satisfying marriage.  The participants who were married the longest also tended to live the longest.  But it wasn’t the marriage that helped them to do so.  It was found that most of the people in the happy marriages were happy before they said, “I do”.  And happy people overall tend to live longer.
  3. Keep busy in retirement.  Those who relaxed and sat around during retirement were more likely to pass away sooner than their active counterparts.  The seniors who lived longer were the ones who took retirement as an opportunity to explore new opportunities, such as volunteering.

The key to a long life isn’t only genetics, but what you choose to do with your life.  So volunteer a little more and be conscientious.  These are tips that all ages of people can make a note of and try to live by. Of course, finding a long and satisfying marriage is a bit more challenging. But, you can still aim to be a happy person and surround yourself with as much positivity as possible.
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