3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress

We know that stress is bad for the cardiovascular system, but now studies show that it also affects the brain.  Women who experience great amounts of stress have a higher chance of developing dementia later in life.  It indicated that stress can give someone up to a 21% higher likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
But how do we keep stress levels down?  Of course, there’s exercise, meditation, and yoga, but you can also relieve some stress by eating the right foods.  Here are some foods that can keep you feeling calm.

  1. Eat More Avocados.  This delicious fruit is loaded with potassium, a vital mineral to keeping blood pressure low.  It will keep your heart happy and your stress under control.
  2. Drink More Tea.  Not only do the ingredients in the tea help you to unwind, but studies have also shown that the ritual of putting the kettle on will help to reduce anxiety and stress.  Choose mint or chamomile tea for extra calming effects.  Even breathing in the aroma will help to calm you.
  3. Eat More Salmon.  Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 oils.  These reduce adrenaline levels to help keep you cool and collected.

Try these healthy foods to help keep your stress levels under control.  Who knew that de-stressing could be so delicious?
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Source: postcrescent.com