Should You Take Supplements for Dementia?

As seniors search for ways to reduce the symptoms of dementia, many turn to alternative therapies or dietary supplements.  Some companies and practitioners promote herbal remedies and dietary supplements to enhance memory or slow the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
So, are they a valuable resource or a waste of time?
It’s really hard to say.  While some may be valid candidates for treatment, there are some real concerns about using supplements instead of, or in addition to, medical treatment.

  1. Safety.  These supplements are not usually regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This means that they are not checked for their safety nor are they proven to be effective in any way.  So they could potentially be harmful for someone to use on their own, with another supplement, or with medication.
  2. Purity.  Because the FDA does not regulate them, there is no quality assurance.  They could potentially include other unknown substances or fillers.  This can be especially dangerous to someone with allergies.
  3. Bad reactions.  Unlike companies making regulated medications, the supplement companies do not have to report if someone has had a bad reaction.  They can report it voluntarily but they are not required.  So you may have a bad batch of the supplement and you would never know.

If you are considering taking supplements to help with dementia, please keep in mind that their safety and effectiveness is not guaranteed.  It may just be safer to stick to the medications until there is more regulation.
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