3 Tips to Stay Safe Online

The Internet can be a wonderful source for information and social interaction for all ages, including seniors.  As more seniors become comfortable online, they can become complacent and victims to scams.
With the help of Kyforward.com, we put together some helpful tips to keep you and your personal information safe on the internet. Here is some valuable advice to note next time you go on the internet:
1. Look for the “s”.  Before typing your personal information such as credit card numbers into any website, make sure that you see “https://”.  That little “s” before the colon means that you are on a secure site and your information won’t be easily stolen.
2. Use a unique password.  Create a password that isn’t too predictable and includes a capital letter and number.  Hackers will randomly choose accounts and type in typical passwords such as “1234” or “password”.  Choose something that you will remember, but no one will ever guess, such as combining the name of the street you grew up on with the last two digits of your phone number.
3. Unsubscribe.  Often you need to give your email address to companies to get deals or other offers from their websites.  But once the emails start rolling in and get combined with all of the other emails, it can be overwhelming and hard to know what is spam.  At the bottom of the email is always an “unsubscribe” option.  If you are no longer interested in receiving the emails, unsubscribe and avoid the confusion.
Just because there is a chance of scams, don’t give up on using the Internet.  It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family and keep up to date on news. Being safe online is mainly about making smart choices.
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