How to Achieve Your Personal Best

What do you think of when you hear the term “personal best”?  Do you think of athletes in perfect shape and pushing their bodies to the extreme? Well, the National Senior Games Association wants to redefine the term for seniors.
 NSGA’s new definition of someone’s “personal best” is perseverance, overcoming obstacles, and being a role model for others.  With that definition, personal best is something anyone at any age can achieve. So how can you achieve your personal best?. Start moving.  One common obstacle to overcome is getting started with working out.  Think small.  If you already like walking, begin walking at least a short distance every day.  If you want to try something new, talk with others about what they enjoy to get inspired. Consider going for a leisurely bike ride with a friend.
2. Keep moving.  After the first week, when the novelty has worn off, it’s easy to quit your exercise routine.  Again, think small.  If you begin to feel the urge to give up, think, “I’ll work out two more days and then I’ll decide.”  After those two days, you may be over the hurdle and feel motivated to continue. Or give yourself one day of rest and then get right back into it.
3. Involve others.  It’s easy to be a role model by just sticking to your exercise routine.  But sometimes it’s fun to be social while you exercise.  Invite someone along to the pool to swim a few laps.  Offer to teach a friend the basics of tennis.  Inspire others to get fit. Consider asking your grandson or granddaughter to go for a walk with you. the goal to achieve your personal best can get you fit while improving your outlook on life.  You will start feeling better about yourself and your entire outlook on life may begin to improve. All it takes is getting started. So go on, start moving today and find your personal best!
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