Understanding the Senior Housing Crisis

As our nation’s largest demographic group, the baby boomers, head into their senior years, some may encounter housing difficulties. Modern seniors are often choosing to “age in place” by staying at home rather than moving to a nursing facility. Those who remain at home see enormous financial and health benefits. Living at home tends to be less expensive and provides better care than living in an assisted care facility. Freedom Home Care is a major advocate for seniors “aging in place.”

However, baby boomers may find difficulty finding acceptable places to live.
As the number of seniors increases, the demand for safe and affordable housing is quickly becoming overwhelming.  The fear is that the best homes will be snatched up, leaving potentially unsafe and unaffordable places for seniors to live.
For some low-income seniors, the government can assist them in subsidizing their rent.  But it still does not mean that the homes provided will have essentials for seniors, such as roll-in showers and handrails.  These modernizations are slowly being added, but not at a rapid enough pace to keep up with the need.
Luckily, both state and federal politicians are aware of the growing problem of affordable senior housing.  They agree that having seniors “age in place” is the best option for everyone.  We just need a solution to find safe and affordable housing. If you, or a senior you care for, does not yet have handrails or other safety features, be sure to make that happen so they are kept safe and avoid dangerous situations.
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Source: NY Times
Image courtesy of Shutterstock.