Fall is Best Time to Prevent Falls

As the season of fall takes full effect, let’s think about another kind of fall.  The kind we want to prevent; the kind that can cause injuries to seniors.
Falling does not only cause physical harm but can be very expensive as doctor bills begin to arrive.  Seniors want to stay as safe as possible, doing what they can to prevent slips and falls.  But some of the suggestions people make to seniors to help prevent falls is simply not true.  Here are two things that, despite the hype, do NOT prevent falls.
1. Supplements.  Seniors are sometimes told to take Vitamin D supplements to prevent falling.  Although the vitamin may help with osteoporosis and bone health, studies have show that it does not prevent falls.  However, taking care that the prescriptions the senior is taking won’t cause dizziness is a way to prevent falls.
2. Education alone.  Seniors can be well informed about what prevent falls, but unless a plan is put into effect, falls will still happen.  Don’t just talk about picking up loose rugs; help to move them.  Instead of discussing how exercise decreases the chance of falling, begin a work out program with them.  Take action.
Preventing falls is a serious matter.  So, help keep seniors safe this autumn with real prevention techniques: encouraging exercise, eliminating tripping hazards, and checking medication.  Freedom Home Care offers a expertly trained staff that is ready to help seniors in any way they can while in their homes. Call us today.
Source: poughkeepsiejournal.com