5 Super Foods to Fight Osteoporosis

As we age, bone health becomes increasingly important.  Exercise is a great way to keep our bones healthy, but we can also include some bone-strengthening foods to our diet.
Here are some foods that will help keep your bones strong.
1. Yogurt.  Bones need lots of calcium and yogurt has plenty.  It is also fortified with vitamin D, an important nutrient that will help calcium to be absorbed.  If you can, avoid Greek yogurt, as it tends to contain less calcium and vitamin D than other varieties.
2. Eggs.  Although eggs contain less vitamin D than dairy sources, they are a quick and delicious way to get your nutrients.  But don’t opt for egg whites only.  The vitamin D is in the yolk.
3. Salmon.  Not only does this delicious fish have omega-3 fatty acids for your circulatory system and joints, it also has loads of vitamin D.  Only 3 ounces of salmon gives you 100% of your daily requirement of the vitamin.
4. Spinach.  Not a fan of dairy or fish?  This leafy green will load you up on calcium.  It also contains fiber, iron, and vitamin A.  It’s a great veggie to keep you healthy.
5. Orange Juice.  Although your glass of OJ doesn’t naturally contain calcium and vitamin D, it is often fortified with these nutrients when bought in stores.  Studies have shown that the acid in orange juice makes calcium easier to absorb, so this can be an easy and delicious way to keep your bones healthy.
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Source: healthday.com