6 Tips for a Healthy Brain

With one in eight older Americans affected by Alzheimer’s disease, doctors are working harder than ever to find a cure.  But with none yet in sight, we must for the time being concentrate on prevention.
Luckily, there has been a large amount of research done on prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.  Researchers have arrived at six pillars to keep your brain healthy and reduce the risk of dementia.

  1. Get regular exercise.  Not only does exercise reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by fifty percent, it also slows the progression in those who are already affected.  Those are two good reasons to tie on those running shoes.
  2. Eat a healthy diet.  Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats will keep your brain at its best.  It’s not bad for your waistline either.
  3. Maintain mental stimulation.  Like your muscles, your brain has a “use it or lose it” motto.  To keep your neurons firing well, try learning or reading about something new and interesting every month.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.  When you’re snoozing, your brain is working overtime to clean up, store, and organize everything you experienced while you were awake.  Sleep deprivation can cause mood changes, slower thinking, and increased chances of dementia.
  5. Relax.  Chronic stress can do damage to your brain, including shrinking the very important hippocampus.  Avoid stressors, get some exercise, and consider meditation to get stress to take a hike.
  6. Make friends.  Humans are highly social creatures.  If we are alone for too long, our brain begins to suffer.  Seek out ways to be social.

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Source: helpguide.org