Technology in Seniors’ Homes: Helpful or Intrusive?

As technology advances, many gadgets are being created to keep seniors safe.  From motion sensors to buzzing medication bottles, seniors are watched for any change in habit.  But is this “Big Brother” routine helpful or intrusive?
With a growing number of seniors choosing to continue to live at home, or “age in place” as some call it, gadgets in the home are becoming commonplace.  There are motion sensors that are placed under the mattress.  There are pill bottles that text the caregiver if they aren’t taken on schedule.  If a senior doesn’t make coffee as usual one morning, the motion detectors in the kitchen alert other family members.  Every move is recorded and analyzed.  But is it worth it?
Many seniors say it is.  For example, the monitor under the mattress can detect heart rate and breathing patterns that could indicate an impending heart attack.  Also, the motion detectors’ alert that the senior didn’t make her coffee could help the family find her if she fell and is injured.  These gadgets could save the day if there is an emergency.
Although some seniors see this technology as an invasion of their privacy, many are benefiting from the extra safety that it provides.  Technology in seniors’ homes is the wave of the future and will create a feeling of securing for those who choose to age in place.
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