Easy Ways for Seniors to Exercise This Winter

As we get deeper into  winter, Mother Nature makes it increasingly difficult to remain active outside. But the good news is, there are still ways for seniors to stay active even when the weather starts to become chilly. We have put together some great ways to stay fit this season.  S, grab a sweater, a pair of sneakers, and maybe a friend, and try these ways to get active this winter:
1. Enjoy the scenery.  If you’d like to do more than look out the window, consider taking a short and slow walk through a park or forest preserve.  Layer your clothes so that you can add or subtract layers depending on the weather.  And don’t forget a bottle of water.  See if you can identify the different birds in the trees or simply stroll.  The fresh air and exercise will do your body good. But if it’s cold make sure you bundle up.
2. If you are physically unable to take a walk, ask a friend or neighbor to come and do an exercise video with you. By doing an exercise video with a friend it tends to be more fun and motivating than by yourself.
3. Consider pool exercises. By exercising in the water it works your muscles and tends to be less hard on your body. Talk to your doctor to see if this is a good alternative for you.
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