Medications Found to Increase Risk of Falling

Falling is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for seniors.  Head injuries and hip fractures are two of the worst and most prevalent results of a bad fall.  And some medications increase the risk of injury for seniors.
We know that some medications can increase the chances of falling, but often seniors rely on their doctors to tell them if their medicine will put them at risk.  Instead, seniors should take matters into their own hands.
Research has been done to discover which drugs cause the most falls.  The common link between the main offenders is that they suppress the central nervous system in some way, diminishing reaction time.  Some of the most common drugs on the list are painkillers, seizure medications, and antidepressants.  And seniors who take more than four of any type of medication are at a particularly high risk for falls.
But it isn’t just prescriptions that can cause falls.  Over-the-counter medications can be just as dangerous.  Allergy medications, sleep aids, and cold medicines can cause drowsiness resulting in falls.
A list has been made detailing medications that can cause falls.  If you see a medicine that you use on the list, do not stop taking it.  Suddenly stopping a medication can be very dangerous.  Instead, talk to your doctor about possible alternatives.  Perhaps a simple change in prescription will make all the difference.
View the list of prescriptions that can cause falls here.
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