Can Using the Internet Reduce the Risk of Cancer in Seniors?

According to a recent study, seniors who use the Internet are less likely to get cancer than their less tech-savvy peers.
The study showed that seniors who used the Internet regularly were more likely to have a lifestyle that kept them cancer-free. It was found that those seniors who valued their online time were more likely to exercise regularly, eat moderately, smoke less, and be screened for cancer more often – all good habits to avoid cancer.
And, it turns out, the more a senior uses the Internet, the more likely he or she is to engage in healthy behaviors.
This is a pretty strong indication that initiatives need to be taken to get seniors more comfortable being online.  Seniors who are still very active are usually at ease, as they have had more reason to use the technology for work and socialization.  Less mobile seniors, however, can sometimes feel uncomfortable being online because it gets confusing.
One way to ease a reluctant senior onto the Internet is through a tablet rather than a computer.  The touch screen makes it easier to understand and manage.  There are even apps specifically made to simplify the Internet for the novice senior.
If going online is having such a positive impact on seniors’ health, we should encourage it as much as possible.  They can have fun and connect with friends, all while decreasing the risk of cancer.
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