The Next Generation of Seniors

As more baby boomers enter their retirement years, many are pushing for change.  Instead of being quietly pushed into a nursing home, seniors are demanding more and better ways of living.  So, what exactly does the future hold for this growing population of seniors?
1. More seniors will live at home.  It has become clear for some time that today’s seniors prefer to remain at home or in retirement communities.  And their health doesn’t have to prevent them from living where they want.  As quality home caregivers, like Freedom Home Care, are readily available and affordable, relying on nursing homes is a thing of the past.
2. Technology will be a major part of their lives.  From monitoring devices to iPad apps designed just for seniors, technology is getting into the hands of more seniors every day.  It can keep them safe, social, and connected to the world around them.
3. More seniors will work.  Many seniors will continue working well after the average retirement age.  Some will do so because of necessity, but others will continue simply because they enjoy the social benefits and sense of accomplishment they get from it.
4. Being actively healthy is important.  Overall, this new generation of seniors is taking health seriously.  They exercise, eat right, and take time to relax.  With modern medical advances, today’s seniors will likely see a longer life expectancy than any previous generation.
With these modern changes, it sounds like a great time for the baby boomers to be entering the retirement years.  And as seniors keep pushing for a better life, everything will continue to improve.
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