Tips to Help Seniors Stay Warm This Winter

Winter and all of its activities are nearly upon us.  Often, though, these activities are outdoors in the cold and snow, making it difficult for seniors who are sensitive to cold.   Here are some tips to staying warm while participating in the fun of the season:
1. Layer up.  Layer clothes so that you can add or remove articles easily when going in and out.  Consider adding a fleece or sweater under your coat that can be removed if you enter a warm building.  And make sure that your winter coat is in good condition to protect you from the chill of winter.
2. Accessorize.  Ears, fingers, and toes are especially susceptible to cold weather as they are so far from your core.  There’s a reason that you hear of frostbitten fingers more often than frostbitten shoulders.  Always bring gloves, a hat, and warm socks to protect these vulnerable areas.  If you have diabetes or other peripheral nerve condition, always check your feet and hands for cold-related injury once returning indoors.
3. Waterproof.  Having the cold and wind is bad enough, but add some rain or snow and you can feel chilled to the bone.  When purchasing outerwear, look for waterproof items to keep you the warmest.  And a good pair of boots can keep you warm and help you manage any ice on the walkway.
This winter season is sure to bring great fun outdoors with family and friends.  Keep yourself safe by staying warm and following the recommended tips. Freedom Home Care is dedicated to ensuring seniors are able to live comfortably in their own homes. Call us today!