How to Give Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season is not only about magic, fun, and family; it is also a time of giving. Here are a few ways for anyone, including seniors, to get in the giving spirit.
1. Give time. Volunteering can be a wonderful way to get in the spirit of giving.  Around this time of year, there are many places in need of people to help, from food pantries to ringing bells for the Salvation Army.  Or if you’d rather stay home, organizations often need help with phone-intensive activities, such as coordinating food distribution or mentoring.
2. Give gifts.  Consider buying some items for others who are less fortunate.  You can simply pick up some new outerwear while doing your holiday shopping, and donate them to local charities.  Or you can “Adopt a Family” through one of many organizations, and provide what they need and want for Christmas.
3. Give food.  Love to bake?  Consider baking some cookies and other sweets to take to those who need some cheering up.  Bringing baked goods to your local fire or police station is a great way to say “thank you” for all that they do for us.  Or gather your friends for a cookie-making party, and drop off the results at a friend’s home or nursing home.  The effort and the sweets will be greatly appreciated.
This time of year is special for so many reasons. Make “giving” one of those reasons this year, and make it an extra special holiday for someone else! Freedom Home Care strongly believes in the power of giving during the holidays.