Seniors Need More Sleep

If you think that seniors need less sleep than those who are younger, think again.  If you needed nine hours of sleep to feel rested in your thirties, chances are that you need around the same for optimal brain function in your senior years too.

But changing sleep patterns can cause seniors to believe they don’t need as much sleep.  As people age, they may not get the same sleepy feelings that they once did around bedtime.  Or perhaps they wake up every few hours.  Though these things normally happen with aging, many mistakenly think it means they need less sleep.

So, how can seniors get the sleep they need?

1. Have a routine.  Seniors should schedule a bedtime and stick to it.  If they aren’t feeling tired, they should lie in bed in the dark, close their eyes, and relax.  They may be surprised how quickly they will drift off.

2. Get a check up.  If the senior consistently feels that he does not need sleep, there may be a medical issue.  Restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and heart problems can all interrupt rest.

3. Go outside.  The more natural light the senior is exposed to, the more likely she will be tired come nighttime.  In the winter, seniors can at least pull back the curtains and let sunlight into their homes.

Sleep is important for our health and our minds, and seniors should get plenty of it.  So let go of the myth, and start catching some zzz’s. Freedom Home Care encourages all seniors to get the recommended amount of sleep in order to maintain their health and be at their best.