Why Seniors Today May Be Sharper than Previous Generations

Are seniors mentally sharper than ever before?  A new study seems to think so. Researchers gave tests to seniors in the 1990’s and then a different group of seniors in the 2000’s.  While the youngest of the seniors generally did better than the oldest, a more interesting discovery was made.  The seniors in the later study did significantly better on the tests than their predecessors.

What does this mean?  Researchers aren’t quite sure, but there are some interesting ideas as to why.

1. With longer life expectancy comes more “good” years.  As medical research continues to extend lives, it also extends how long we are able to live well.  Seniors can work longer, continue hobbies, and live more independently.  Not only is this good for the body, but also the spirit and mind.

2. Seniors are more educated than ever before.  This generation of seniors had more opportunity for education than in generations past.  Therefore, their minds are used in a more complex way, keeping them mentally agile.

3. People are of higher socioeconomic status.  Generally speaking, today’s seniors have had more opportunities in life due to a better socioeconomic status than previous generations.  These opportunities could have given the seniors chances at more education, better jobs, and more relaxation time.

Whatever the reason, seniors are sharper than ever and should work to stay that way.  Simply reading a book, having a conversation, or pursuing a hobby can give seniors that extra bit of mental stimulation to keep them sharp and happy.

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