Unexpected Holiday Shopping Secrets

Here’s some refreshingly unexpected holiday news! Research says when it comes to Christmas gifts, being lazy is best.  You heard that right. That doesn’t mean you can put off shopping altogether, but it does mean that you can spend less time finding the perfect personalized gift for each person on your shopping list.
In a recent study, a shopper was given either one person to buy for or two with similar interests.  When buying for one, the shopper would find something that the gift recipient would really like.  When buying for two, the shopper would focus more on finding gifts that were different from one another more than finding the “perfect” gift.
So, according to this study, you should group your family by their interests and buy each group the same or similar thing.  Not only will they like the gifts better, but it will save you shopping time.  Here are some gift ideas to get you started:
1. Have friends who love books?  Get them all book lights and an Amazon gift card.
2. Got sports fans in the family?  I bet they would all like subscriptions to a sports magazine.
3. Have foodie friends?  Buy them all a bottle of wine and a gift card to a local restaurant.
4. Do your friends love art?  Create unique ornaments for them all.
Make Christmas shopping easier this year by getting your friends and family what they really want – the same things as everyone else with that interest according to the study. It’s certainly an interesting way to view shopping for friends and family. The overall message from this study is really just to not work too hard coming up with unique gifts if you are not sure they will like it. Stick with what you know they like or keep it generic if you’re really at a loss. Just enjoy your holiday shopping and enjoy the season of giving!
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