Keep Your Health in Check for the New Year

Many of us think about bettering our health in the New Year. We should also be aware of those closest to us and encourage them to get healthy as well.
Now is the perfect time each year to sit down with the senior and go through any changes in medical history, medications, symptoms, and concerns.  It will ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the senior is getting the best care.
Plan ahead when you’re going to speak with him or her.  Ask him to get all of the medical documentation together so that both he and you are clear about diagnoses and treatments.  And choose a time when you both have a while to go through each document thoroughly.
Begin with everything you have spoken about previously, from doctors’ names to medication.  Then plan questions about anything new, from pains to future plans.  Use those questions to guide the conversation, but allow tangents.  You may get the best information when you get off-topic.
When you have all of the questions answered, keep the information safe.  Consider typing it up and keeping it on a flash drive for easy access. Keeping up with a senior’s medical information can be challenging, but coordinating all of it at one time each year can make the process easier.  It will make a happier year for everyone.
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