Three Driving Secrets for Seniors

As we get deeper into winter, driving conditions can worsen daily with snow, sleet, and ice.  That makes this a great time to get a refresher on good driving techniques.  Here are a few driving secrets that you may not have known but should use.
1. Use your brakes.  When it appears that a collision is going to happen, think “Stomp, Stay, Steer.”  First, stomp on your brake pedal with all of your might.  Then stay stepping on the pedal.  Ignore the noises or the pulsating of the pedal;  you aren’t hurting the car.  Third, steer around the obstacle.  With anti-lock brakes, a car can continue to steer while braking.
2. Ditch “10 and 2”.  For a long time, wisdom was to keep your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.  But the advent of airbags changed that.  If the airbag deploys with your hands at 10 and 2, your hands will be thrown into your face.  The correct position is now 9 and 3.
3. Lean back.  Avoid whiplash by preparing using your headrest.  When you see someone about to hit your car from the rear, lean back so that your head is touching your seat’s headrest.  If it is properly positioned, it will reduce your chance of injury.
The secret to safe driving is keeping up with the knowledge.  Use these techniques well to have a safe winter on the road.
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Source: AARP