Healthy Resolutions You Can Stick To

Many of us write down a few New Year Resolutions that we’d like to accomplish, only to find we’ve completely abandoned those ideas mere weeks later. Let’s make this year different. This year will be the year that you will make a couple of small changes to your lifestyle to become a healthier senior. Just pick a couple of items off of this list and watch your health improve throughout the year.
1. Get organized. Are you someone who doesn’t keep track of medical information? Make a change. Get a binder and add all medical, doctor, and medication paperwork to it throughout the year.
2. Get moving. Be active every day, even if it’s walking down the block or dancing in your living room.
3. Get nutritious. Make your plate colorful by adding vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to each meal.
4. Get checked. Get a check up and screened for cholesterol, diabetes, and any other medical screenings that you have put off.
5. Get social. Chat with someone every day. If your family and friends are busy, strike up a conversation at your grocery store or with the delivery guy.
6. Get relaxed. Reduce stress by taking yoga or meditating. Even having a cup of tea and talking with a friend can make you feel like yourself again.
7. Get reading. Reading has been linked to the reduced likelihood of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So grab a few good books or magazines for the New Year.
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