4 Tips to Combat the Cold Weather

Temperatures have been frigid and a polar vortex just made it through the area – and it’s only the beginning of winter!  As we age, our bodies are no longer able to regulate internal temperatures as well, making seniors the most susceptible to hypothermia of any age group.
With the help of the Daily Tribune, we have put together some great ways to stay warm this winter:
1. Check your thermostat.  Even though the cost to heat your house may increase, safety should be your main concern.  Set your thermostat to at least 65 degrees.
2. Winterize your house.  Consider enlisting some help to put plastic sheeting around your windows to keep the cold out.  If you plan to use a fireplace, have it cleaned before the first use and install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
3. Plan ahead for snow and ice removal.  Being out on cold days to shovel snow can be dangerous for seniors.  If you do plan on doing it yourself, have ice melt, a shovel, and non-slip shoes on hand.  You can also hire snow removal specialists to remove the snow while you stay warm inside.
4. Plan ahead inside.  Have extra blankets around the house in case you get cold.  Dress in loose fitting layers both indoors and out.  Keep hats and gloves by the door so that they aren’t forgotten.  A little planning will go a long way.
The winter can be a difficult time for seniors but, with a little planning, they can stay warm and healthy throughout the season. If you know of a senior who is living at home and needs some assistance, contact Freedom Home Care. We offer in-home care for seniors who wish to maintain their independence. View our website or give us a call today!