Seniors Living with Pets

Pets can be very important to seniors’ mental and physical health.  Caring for a dog or cat can lower blood pressure, decrease the chance of depression, and generally increase a sense of well-being.
However, some seniors have trouble providing the best care for their pets because of health or financial issues.  Luckily, Freedom Home Care is able to provide assistance to seniors by helping take care of their pets.
Care assistance.  Caring for pets can be more than a senior can physically handle.  Dogs in particular need regular exercise, and a senior may not be able to walk the dog as much as is needed.  Luckily, our highly trained caregivers are able to provide occasional care for pets owned by seniors.
Pets are a great way for seniors to find join in their life. It is also a great reason for seniors to get up in the morning and find a purpose in their life. Do you know of a senior who is lonely and could use a furry friend to keep them company? Visit your local animal shelter. There are often times older cats or dogs that many young families do not want to adopt. But these older mature pets can be a great fit for an elderly person looking for a calm companion.
A dog tends to need more time and take more work, but a cat may be a better fit for a senior whose mobility is limited. A cat can provide that small amount of affection an elderly person is looking for in their daily life.
Freedom Home Care is happy to be able to care for seniors’ pets. If you know of an elderly loved one who is having difficulty caring for their pet(s), call us today!