Keep Seniors with Dementia Safe at Home

Caring for a senior with dementia can be overwhelming.  To make it a little easier, prepare the senior’s home to be as safe as possible.  Here are six simple things you can do to keep your loved ones safe at home:
1. Remove clutter.  Limit decorative objects and discard any fake fruit or other material that may appear edible.  Remove any plants that are poisonous.
2. Prepare glass surfaces.  Put a decal on windows and glass doors at eye level to avoid injury.
3. Prepare for the cold.  Keep blankets throughout the house.  Remove any space heaters or electric blankets.  Don’t leave the senior alone with a fire in the fireplace.
4. Think safety.  Lock up cleaning supplies, matches, alcohol, and knives.  Safety knobs on the stove may prevent a fire.  Disconnect the garbage disposal.
5. Add light.  Nightlights can be helpful if the senior awakens in the middle of the night.  Put nightlights in his room, around stairways, and in hallways.
6. Get a phone.  Make sure she has a cell phone or cordless phone near her at all times in the house.  Program the phone with emergency as well as family members’ and doctors’ numbers.
You know your loved one the best, so prepare their home in a way that makes sense for him or her.  This preparation may save you some anxiety in the future. If you or someone you know could benefit from Freedom Home’s In-Home Senior Care, give us a call today! We offer Alzheimer’s care, arthritis care, and elder care just to name a few.