Plan to Age In Place

Many seniors today wish to “age in place,” meaning they choose to remain at home instead of living in a nursing home.  And no wonder!  Studies show that seniors at home are often much healthier and happier.  Freedom Home Care offers services for seniors who wish to maintain their independence.
Here are some things to consider when deciding to continue living at home:
1. The house.  Often, modifications need to be made to the home to optimize it for the senior.  It may be as simple as moving clutter and taping down rugs, or as involved as moving the master bedroom to the first floor.  Whatever has to be done, make a list and get the process moving.  Home renovations may take longer than expected.
2. The car.  There must be a plan how he or she will get out and about.  If driving is out of the question, consider public transportation, family member assistance, or a senior transportation service.  Knowing that transportation is available will give him or her peace of mind.
3. Getting help.  Managing a home can be a great deal of work, and the senior may not be up to the task.  Sometimes family can help with errands or laundry, but a more consistent solution is a service like Freedom Home Care.  Having someone assist with everything from pet care to grocery shopping can take the pressure off your loved one and let them enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own home.
Living at home is a big decision that requires some adjustments, but it is often the right one.  And having a plan can make everything come into place. Call Freedom Home Care today if you know someone who could benefit from our services.