Senior Gadgets to Make Life Easier

The numbers are becoming too great to ignore.  The number of seniors in this country is increasing at an incredible rate.  And with 68% of seniors choosing to age in place, improvements need to be made to their homes to ensure their safety.
Business owners and technology developers are chomping at the bit to create better ways for seniors to thrive at home with new technology.
Here are some great new gadgets that will make life easier in the coming year:

GreatCall Responder.  Do you have a device that you wear that has a button to alert emergency services in case of a problem?  It’s time to upgrade.  GreatCall has the tracking ability of GPS, but it can contact not only 911, but also a nurse or family members.  Getting help has never been easier.

TabSafe.  Concerned that you may forget a prescription?  TabSafe will remind, alert, and dispense medication.  It also accesses the Internet to post to caregivers or doctors information about when the medication was taken.

TV Ears.  It can be frustrating when you can’t hear the television but don’t want to turn up the volume so loud that the neighbors start knocking at your door.  TV Ears picks up the audio signal of most televisions and transmits it into the headphones where the senior can adjust the volume so they hear every word.

Every year, technology advances and with that comes new and exciting gadgets.  And with the increasing elderly generation, we will most likely be seeing more and more technology focusing on those over 60.
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