The Secret to Senior Happiness

Do you know a happy and stress-free senior?  Chances are that he or she is a social butterfly.  A Gallup poll shows that happiness and stress reduction are clearly linked to socialization.
How do you stop a senior from getting too socially isolated and perhaps depressed?  Here are some easy tips to help keep a senior social:
Arrange transportation.  If a senior is unable to drive, then she may not be able to be as social as she likes.  Arrange transportation through family and friends, or find a service to drive her to events and outings.
Schedule guests at mealtime.  Eating with a friend or neighbor can bring joy to a senior’s day.  Call family and friends who may be interested in sharing a meal with them, and coordinate days for them to get together.  Even better, have the guests to bring the meal to the senior, giving him some new food to try.
Find technology that works for him or her.  If family and friends can’t visit regularly, have your elderly loved one connect to others by phone or Skype.  Find technology that the senior is comfortable with.  If she only wants to talk on the phone, add friends’ numbers to speed-dial.  If he or she is willing to give Skype a try, teach the basics so they feel comfortable before trying it.
Staying social can be tricky for a senior living at home. But, with a little help, anyone can find their inner “social butterfly” and improve their overall happiness. Freedom Home Care offers specialized in-home senior care and a variety of specialized services. Give us a call today and learn what we can do for you or someone you know!