What Doctors are Telling Seniors with Diabetes

Diabetes. The ominous condition that compels people to eat right, exercise, and regularly check their blood sugar or risk the complications of blindness, pain, or even coma.  It’s a disease that’s scary and difficult, particularly for seniors, to control in relation to other conditions they may have.  So what are doctors suggesting to seniors who are struggling with it all?
Lighten up!
This doesn’t mean that seniors with diabetes should start planning a sugar spree, but it does mean that we should look at and treat seniors with diabetes differently than someone of middle age with diabetes.  Weighing the risks and benefits of treatment causes us to re-evaluate how closely seniors have to follow the strict regimen that is suggested.
Many family members of seniors get concerned that the senior’s blood sugar is always a little too high.  But doctors are saying that “a little too high” is better than the alternative. Should diabetes be treated too aggressively, low blood sugar could lead to complications that seniors are especially susceptible to, such as heart problems and cognitive disability.
So, what should a senior do to best manage diabetes?
Listen to your doctor.  Each person is an individual, and that is also the case with his or her diabetes.  Heed the doctor’s advice over what others think you should be doing.  The doctor knows you and your condition well and can make educated calls about what is best for you. Caregivers also know what is best for you and have your best interest at heart. Therefore, if they have a suggestion, you probably should listen to them.
Exercise.  Being active is nearly always suggested for those with diabetes.  But don’t think that you have to go jogging through the neighborhood.  Even walking around the house five minutes before a meal can help to keep your blood sugar in check.
Eat well.  Eating the right foods in the right amounts is essential to keeping you healthy.  In fact, one man who just broke the record as the longest living person with Type I Diabetes credits his longevity to eating just enough to keep him going, instead of eating for pleasure.  This 90-year-old man has been living with diabetes for 85 years and is still going strong because of eating right.
Be Happy.  If you’re miserable because you can never snack, give yourself a treat every so often (with the doctor’s permission, of course).  Managing diabetes is important, but so is quality of life.
Seniors who have diabetes are not destined to be glued to their glucose monitor.  Lighten up and enjoy life.  And maybe a sugar-free cookie, too! Freedom Home Care offers in-home senior care with a variety of specialized care. Talk to us today and learn what we can do for you or a loved one who struggles with Diabetes.