5 of the Best Arthritis Treatment Options

Nearly half of all seniors suffer from arthritis.  This condition, brought on by wear and tear, commonly affects the knees making it difficult to climb stairs or even walk.  But once a senior is diagnosed with osteoarthritis, what do you do next?
Here are 5 of the best treatment options available to seniors with arthritis:
Make lifestyle changes.  The idea is to put less stress on the affected joint, so weight maintenance is important.  Maintaining your weight can be difficult as exercise is painful. Try exercises that can be done while sitting down. Swimming may also be a good alternative because your joints are able to move freely in water.
Take proper medication.  From over the counter to prescription, certain medicines are suggested to help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, or both.  Ibuprofen and COX-2 inhibitors are often prescribed to manage arthritis. Talk to your doctor to see if one of these can help ease your pain.
Try physical therapy.  A physical therapist will teach exercises targeted at improving joint movement and flexibility.  They will also assess if posture is playing a role in the wear and tear of your joints.
Consider steroid injections.  Some doctors inject steroids directly into the joint to reduce pain and inflammation.  However, due to risk of cartilage damage, this treatment can only be done a few times a year.
Viscosupplementation.  This long word just means to replace the fluid lost in the knee.  Inside of the joint is a slippery, cushioning fluid that arthritis destroys slowly over time.  More doctors than ever before are suggesting this treatment.
Knowing your treatment options for arthritis puts you in the best position to discuss the plans with your doctor.  Freedom Home Care, located in Highland Park, IL, offers specialized Arthritis Care to help individuals live as comfortably as possible. Give us a call today!