Ward Off Dementia By Staying Active

As dementia affects more seniors, doctors and scientists are working harder than ever to find answers.  The results of one of those studies have just come to light, and it gives women another reason to stay fit.
The research suggests that women who have higher levels of estrogen, especially when combined with diabetes, are more likely to be diagnosed with dementia in their senior years.  Seniors who have a lower body weight have not one, but two strong advantages to avoid dementia.
First, Type 2 diabetes is directly related to being overweight.  The increase of fatty tissue increases the resistance to insulin, creating a situation where the body cannot use sugar properly.  The high blood-sugar level can put stress on nearly every part of the body, including the brain.  Several studies have linked dementia and diabetes.
But being overweight is also related to high estrogen levels.   As women go through menopause, estrogen levels decrease.  However, the fat in the body also releases estrogen.  If there is too much fat then extra estrogen is released into the blood, possibly increasing dementia risk.
So if you needed one more reason to get active and eat right, this could be it.  Losing even a little weight can drop your chance of dementia dramatically.
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