Encourage Senior Independence

Independence.  It is the goal of many seniors.  However, as men and women age, an estimated 70% of them will not be able to live the same quality of life without some form of assistance.  But coming to terms with that can be difficult.  In fact, many seniors, as many as 5%, are in denial and would rather decrease activities rather than get the assistance they need.  They stay indoors or avoid answering the phone so that they won’t have to admit that they need some sort of help.
If this sounds like a senior you know, you should contact Freedom Home Care. We provide in-home senior care to allow seniors to maintain their independence. Here are some important tips to getting a senior you know into a happier and healthier living situation:
Understand their point of view.  Try to understand how it must feel to suddenly lose an aspect of your independence.  Whether it’s hearing loss or not having the balance to walk unassisted, the change is often difficult to fully accept.  When you discuss ways to get them help, come at the subject gently and with a listening ear.
Do the proper research.  Perhaps you think a wheelchair may be best for the senior, but that may be too great of a change at once.  Research options that will still help them, but maintain their independence.  Perhaps a walker or cane could be nearly as effective for mobility, but will have the senior feel like he or she is getting around.  Find a compromise that works.
Accept when technology isn’t enough.  Sometimes bars are installed in the bathroom, walkers are disposal, the electronic medicine dispenser is loaded and operating, and still the senior needs additional help to complete activities or just to get around.  Know when it’s time to sit down with him or her and discuss bringing in help.  Having an in-home caregiver from a service like Freedom Home Care to assist with activities can feel like a loss of independence in theory, but soon the senior will realize how much more they can do and how much safer they will be.  Studies have shown an increased sense of well-being in seniors who get the assistance they need to live well.
Although some seniors may resist change, it may be necessary to make adjustments to keep your loved one safe.  Contact Freedom Home Care if you know of someone who could benefit from these in-home senior service.