Glenview Celebrates Bacon Month

March was National Nutrition Month, and we all know it’s important to think about how to get and keep our bodies working their best by eating healthy and staying active. And now, April brings the first major hurdle in eating healthy: Bacon Month.
A group of restaurants got together to create the ultimate experience for bacon-lovers in Glenview Illinois called the Northshore Bacon Fest. This festival has everything from the ordinary, like bacon cheeseburgers, to the unusual, like bacon ice cream. They fry it, bake it, and even coat it in chocolate. April is a true Baconpalooza in Glenview. If you’re tempted to try every tasty bacon-treat possible, here are three facts that may help you understand bacon from a nutrition standpoint:

  • About 68% of bacon’s calories come from fat. And each ounce introduces 30 milligrams of cholesterol into your body.
  • Bacon is not only a red meat, but also a “processed meat” so it increases the risk of some cancers.
  • Bacon contains a huge amount of sodium. Just a single strip of bacon has about 190 milligrams of sodium.

But bacon isn’t ALL bad. It contains nutrients such as choline and vitamin B3, which may actually help you live longer. The trick is moderation. If you occasionally have a small amount of bacon on your sandwich as a treat, you aren’t throwing away your healthy diet.
And the best way to get that bacon experience during Bacon Month is attending Bacon Fests in Glenview, IL! On Saturday April 26, Glenview is celebrating its second annual Northshore Bacon Fest by having area restaurants serve up their best bacon creations for hungry visitors. This adult-only event features many area restaurants including Blue Grass Restaurant, Real Urban BBQ, and even Sweets & Treats Ice Cream Parlor. With sample-sized portions, you can taste without over-indulging. Tickets are selling out fast to this unique event. Find more information at
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