Ninety-Seven Year Old Senior Goes Viral on Instagram

exerciseSocial media is not only for the young.  Recently, a 97-year-old woman has been making a splash on Instagram. Check out her work-out videos here!
Instagram, for those who don’t know, is a social media network where people can share photos or short videos with their friends and the world.  Usually people post photos of food, young people having fun, or companies showing off their brand’s wares.  But these days, there’s a new face on the scene.  Her name is Edna, and she’s a senior living in Arizona.  And she’s inspiring everyone who watches the videos in which she stars.
That’s because the videos are of her at the gym, working out.  From modified push-ups and squats to working with resistance bands, every bit of Edna’s exercise routine is full of joy and tenacity.
The younger generations are passing around her motivating pictures, clearly inspired by her hard work.  But what can seniors learn from her, besides the obvious push to exercise?
1. You have to work for it.  Edna’s journey of getting and staying as healthy didn’t come from making excuses.  She goes to the gym and works hard to keep her muscles healthy and strong.  The next time you’re thinking about skipping your workout “just this once”, think of her commitment.
2. There’s nothing wrong with a little help.  While she does the “heavy lifting”, she can’t do it all alone.  In nearly every photo, you see an athletic trainer by her side.  He guides her and motivates her.  Having someone to help you achieve your goals can be just the push you need to keep going.
3. Make it fun.  Edna has a smile on her face in every video.  Is it because doing squats is just so amusing?  Of course not.  It’s because she makes it fun for herself.  She puts on a fun outfit (she wears pink leopard-print pants in one video) and makes a conscious decision to enjoy her time exercising.  If we could all do that, our most difficult hurdles would be much easier to handle.
It’s easy to lose your drive to stay on the path to healthiness.  But just think of Edna saying her famous phrase, “Never let yourself get weak.”  It may be just the motivation you need to keep going!
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