Combat Stress with Laughter

laughter yogaSeniors today have a great amount of stress in their lives.  From uncertain financial futures to health issues, seniors can become consumed with worry.  Unfortunately, this constant stress can be accompanied by high blood pressure, headaches, and depression.
But there is an easy, free way to combat stress and all of its negative effects. Laughter.
Each chortle, giggle, or guffaw can bring a myriad of health benefits.  Not only does laughing decrease stress, it gives you a work out.  Anyone who has laughed until it hurt knows that laughing exercises many muscles throughout your torso.  It also gives your heart, lungs, and diaphragm the extra movement they need to stay well.
So, how should seniors reap the most benefits from laughing?  Start some Laughter Therapy today.
1. Start a Laugh Journal.  Whenever something funny happens that makes you laugh, write it down.  It can be as simple as a friend’s Freudian slip to a particularly funny scene in a movie.  Keep the journal handy for when you start to feel stress building up.  Then you can either revisit the event by reading through the silliness, or you can share it with friends and all get a good laugh.

2.  Ease up.  While it’s easy to take ourselves very seriously, it’s much healthier to be able to laugh at our missteps and mistakes.  Embrace your flaws and foibles.  Try to find the humor in everyday situations. Learn to take your life seriously, but yourself lightly.
2. Try Laughter Yoga.  Does laughing while doing yoga sound a little weird?  That’s many people’s first reactions.  And who could blame them?  Reaching up into the sky while chanting “ho ho ha ha” until everyone is laughing uncontrollably does sound a little strange.  Until you try it, that is.  Laughter Yoga is gaining popularity among seniors all over the country because they get to feel good and have fun while getting healthy.
While stress is unavoidable, the long-term negative effects of it are not.  So, go find out and find the humor in life.  After all, laughter is really the best medicine.
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