Protect Your Skin This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, bringing with it sunshine, warmth, and fun.  Unfortunately, those lovely afternoons outdoors can lead to skin damage, particularly for seniors.  Keep your skin healthy and strong with these four tips:
1. Eat more fish. 
Though you may not think of eating healthy foods as a great way to keep your skin healthy and youthful, it can be a secret weapon to fight skin damage.  The omega-3’s that are found in fish and some vegetables will keep skin hydrated by managing the oils naturally produced by your skin.  It also acts as an antioxidant, protecting skin from harmful free radicals.  If you want to double down on the antioxidants, then grab a handful of berries or spinach to as a side dish for your fish.  To keep your skin healthy, you need to feed it well.
2. Stay moisturized. 
While it’s fun to enjoy the warm summer sun, it can quickly dry out a senior’s skin.  Dehydration, sweating, and prolonged sun exposure can all contribute to dry, uncomfortable skin by the end of the day.  Moisturizing frequently is the key to keeping skin hydrated and happy.  Apply a lotion or moisturizer early, and then reapply throughout the day if you are outdoors.  If you can find one with a sunscreen added, so much the better.
3. Check your makeup. 
Perhaps you were once able to wear any kind of makeup that you pleased, but now it’s the time to be selective.  Often, makeup has chemicals included that can dry a senior’s delicate skin.  Opt for cosmetics intended for those with sensitivities.  Then always remove them carefully with a non-abrasive cleanser at the end of the day, remembering to moisturize immediately afterwards.
4. Think shade. 
When you’re planning for an afternoon out in the sun, always come prepared with items to protect yourself.  A hat with a wide brim will save your face and neck from harmful rays.  Sun glasses will protect your eyes.  And always scout for a shady spot whenever you are out and about.  The sun might feel great on your skin, but too much will quickly lead to unhealthy skin.
You don’t need to choose between damaged skin and staying indoors all summer.  Just take a few precautions, and you can enjoy your time outside while keeping your skin healthy. Freedom Home Care’s services keeps seniors healthy and happy.  Call today to learn how we can help you remain comfortably at home.