5 Reasons Every Senior Should Swim

senior swimmingOne of the greatest things about summer is that it opens more opportunities to get outside and stay fit.  From walking to tennis to biking, summer is the season to get on the move.

Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to get exercise in the warm months is by swimming. This is particularly a great exercise for seniors because it isn’t hard on your body like other workouts. Here are five of the top reasons why you should find a way to get in the pool today and start swimming:

1. Gentle on your joints.

Although swimming is a rigorous work out, it doesn’t have the impact on joints that most other aerobic exercises do.  This is great news for people who have “bad” knees, backs or ankles.  In the water, you can work out the muscles surrounding those joints to strengthen them, while avoiding painful force.

2. Improves flexibility.

Swimming is one of the few forms of exercise that encourages the opening of the joints and the stretching of muscles.  From the butterfly to the breast stroke, your body is put in “open” positions which encourage flexibility and blood flow.  Think of it like floating aerobic yoga.

3. Keeps you cool.

Although the heat has just begun, we have a long, hot summer ahead of us.  And while exercising outdoors may seem fun, seniors can be more susceptible to hyperthermia, also called heat exhaustion.  Swimming is not only great exercise, but it allows you to get exercise outdoors while staying cool.

4. Social activity.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit while being social, swimming may be right for you.  Local gyms often offer water aerobics where you can get moving while laughing with old friends or new ones.  Some of the classes may be geared specifically towards seniors, so call around and see if you can find a program suited to you.

5. Can extend your life.

Swimming, it turns out, is the ultimate anti-aging work out.  South Carolina researchers followed 40,000 adults between 20 and 90 years old for more than three decades.  They found that those who swam regularly were 50% less likely to die compared to those who walked, jogged, or lived sedentary lives.
There’s no doubt that swimming is a great way to get fit this summer.  But whether it’s swimming in the pool or walking down the sidewalk, the important thing is to get moving to improve your health.
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