Making the Right Decision for Aging Parents

care for aging parentMaybe you think it will never happen to you. You don’t really notice your parents growing older. They may at this point be completely self-sufficient.  They are enjoying their retirement years to their fullest, and take care of their health.  You may even still think of them as the caregivers of the family.
But then, one day, it may happen. Maybe it’s an injury or a sudden illness.  Or maybe it’s a long-term health problem that finally became too much.  But, whatever the reason, your parents may one day no longer able to care for themselves.  Now you’re in a situation where big decisions need to be made quickly, and you have no idea where to begin.
If you’ve never considered this situation, you’re not alone.  Many seniors and their children don’t think about long-term care possibilities until they are in the middle of a health crisis.  But those hasty decisions can be extremely costly.

Should I leave my job?

Often, children with aging parents who turn ill end up leaving their job to care for their parent full-time.  It is estimated that a woman who does so loses around $350,000 in income, pension, and Social Security benefits through the years.  Men typically have less loss because the job of full-time caregiver traditionally falls to the daughter or daughter-in-law of the family.

Should I send them to a nursing home?

If, instead, the senior moves to a nursing home, the costs can easily be tens of thousands of dollars per year, with rates climbing annually.  Not only that, but the time it takes to research and visit each care facility to find the right fit can take more time and energy than the senior has after her injury or illness.

Should I hire an in-home caregiver?

Nowadays, more and more adult children are learning of the many benefits to allowing parents to age in place. By calling a service, such as Freedom Home Care, an in-home care provider can visit the home as often as necessary leaving the aging parent at home and comfortable. Most seniors do not wish to leave their home, and would prefer to age in place.

Take your time making the right decision.

To avoid having to make these decisions on the fly, have a conversation with the seniors in your life today.  Instead of talking only about their current situation in the retirement years, discuss the savings for future care.

How will tasks be divided among family members should a crisis occur?

Do some basic research on alternative options, such as home care services provided by Freedom Home Care.  Even if these discussions seem premature, it is better to talk now than in the middle of a difficult situation. Freedom Home Care’s services can make those big decisions easy.  Call today to learn how we can help your loved ones remain comfortably at home.