8 Things to Consider when Selecting a Post-Hospital Rehabilitation Provider

post hospital careSelecting a post-hospital rehabilitation provider is the single most important decision for a successful recovery. However, it  can be an overwhelming process if you don’t know what to look for. Here are 8 of the most important factors you may want to consider and inquire about when rating the various programs or facilities you are considering.

Physical Therapy
• Home assessment and modification
• Wound Care
• Pain Relief Techniques
• Updates to equipment

Speech Therapy
• Communication due to hearing loss
• Alternative communication instructions
• Communication skills and retraining

Occupational Therapy
• Nerve and Muscle re-education
• Discharge Planning
• Adaptive self–care techniques

Variety and Quality of Rehabilitation Services
• Proven rate of discharging patients to their homes
• Certified wound care therapist
• Certified respiratory therapist
• Certified Lymph-edema therapist
• Centers for Medicare and Medicaid rating

Individualized Plan of Care
• Patient and family included in the planning process
• Therapy geared towards individual needs
• Following individual assessment, staff works
together to plan the patients rehabilitation program,
including cardiologist, pulmonologist, physiatrist,
and neurologist.

The Staff
• Full time licensed staff therapist and therapist
assistants that are employed through the facility
• High staff morale
• Educational background
• Friendly and courteous
• High customer service scores

Demonstrated Results
• Track record for success in my diagnosis
• Evidence of success that patient and family are
able to manage needs at home
• Ask to see patient outcomes and testimonials

Team Concept
• Team assessed needs for treatment
• Team communicates regularly with family members
and specialty physicians, i.e; cardiologist,
pulmonologist, physiatrist, and neurologist.
• Alignment with your hospital system