The ABC’s of Vitamin D

FHC sunlight vitamin D
Vitamins.  We know that they are good for us and are a part of a healthy, balanced diet.  Beyond that, when you think “vitamins” you may just think of a swirl of letters, pills, and probably some green, leafy vegetables.  But it’s important to know every detail about the vitamins that are crucial to senior health – one of the most important being vitamin D.
Why is vitamin D so important?
Vitamin D has many uses for the cells in the body, but one of the most important for seniors is its part in repairing and strengthening bones.  With osteoporosis, fractures, and bone injury as a common concern of most seniors, it’s important to know that getting the right vitamins can mean the difference between a lengthy recovery and a relatively short one.
Where do we get vitamin D?
Well, there’s good news and bad news when considering how we can get the right amount of this special vitamin.  The good news is that we don’t have to eat anything special to get our daily intake.  When sunlight touches our skin, our bodies naturally produce vitamin D through a series of chemical processes.  Just a few hours of direct sunlight can be enough vitamin D to last for days.
The bad news is that most seniors are not able to get vitamin D from sunlight.  Being in direct contact with the sun for that amount of time can lead to dangerous sunburn or heat exhaustion, particularly in the summer months.  Some seniors simply cannot get out of the house and into the sun for that amount of time each week.  So, they need to get their vitamin D a different way.
Luckily, you can also easily get this vitamin from food sources.  Eating fish is a great natural source of vitamin D.  You can also absorb vitamin D from fortified sources such as cereal, milk, cheese, and other dairy products.  A simple bowl of your favorite healthy cereal may be enough to keep your bones at their strongest.
Even if the other vitamins are swirling in a mental haze of spinach, seniors need to stay focused on bone-strengthening vitamin D.  Get enough and your bones will thank you.
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