4 Steps to a Safer Senior Home

senior at home
Whether you recently had a bad fall or just aren’t getting around like you used to, it’s becoming clear that the time has come for a change.  If you are like 85% of seniors, you would prefer if that change didn’t mean having to move to a nursing home.  Perhaps it’s for the sake of your emotional well-being or perhaps it’s for financial reasons, but you wish to continue your senior years in the comfort of your own house.
However, your home just won’t work for your current situation anymore.  So the next step is getting the house in shape to meet your needs.  Freedom Home Care has helped many seniors through this process with our Home Safety/Modification Program.   The process is simple and it leaves your home safe enough to remain there happily as long as you like.
The steps of the program are as follows:

Step 1 – Assessment of the Senior

First, a specially trained Occupational Therapist will evaluate your needs.  She will first determine your physical and cognitive skills by asking questions or having you perform simple tests.  She will be looking for everything from mobility and strength to the ability to communicate desires and complete daily activities.  She will even ask about any problems with sight, hearing, or other sensory problems, so have any medical diagnoses written down and handy.

Step 2 – Assessment of the Home

Once the OT feels like she knows how you move and think, she will begin evaluating the home.  This quick but thorough assessment will be done throughout the entire house, so be ready to have the OT walk through every room that you use.  She will be looking for safety measures already in place, the condition of household appliances, the layout of the various rooms, quality of lighting, and potential trip hazards.

Step 3 – The Plan

Each Home Safety/Modification Program finishes with a complete plan for the senior.  Aspects may include things that the senior can do to conserve energy, safety modifications to put in place throughout the home, and instructions on how to use aids, such as a dressing aid or reacher.  Once all of this information is discussed and understood, you’ll need to put this plan into place.

Step 4 – Taking Action

The OT will give you a list of contractors who can modify your home to ensure your safety.  You or a family member can call a few of the contractors and describe the changes that the OT suggested.  After you find the contractor that you like best, have him come to the house and modify it so that you can happily remain at home throughout your senior years.
Sometimes changes need to be made, but leaving your home doesn’t have to be one of them.  With some careful assessment, planning, and action, you can remain in your home for years to come. For more information about Freedom Home Care’s Home Safety/Modification Program, please contact us at (877) 262-1223.